“Made In Japn Classics ‘Disco Tokio'” on Red Bull Music Academy Radio

The DJ Mix I made in 2004 is now on Rad Bull Music Academy Radio.
It is entirely made with Japanese pop songs from 70s and 80s.



Indonesia発のPodcast “SOUND OF WAX”に約2時間のDJ MIX提供しました。
did 2 hours DJ MIX for “SOUND OF WAX” Podcast.


the ARROWS /
サワディカップ Crystal Reprise Version (2013 Mix)

Break The Dawn / From Red To Violet


Break The Dawn / From Red To Violet

2013.09.17 ON SALE


Side A 45RPM
Break the Dawn (7:08)

written & produced by Crystal & S. Koshi

Side B 45RPM
From Red To Violet

written & produced by Crystal

For the Break the Dawn / From Red To Violet 12″, the brightly shining tenth release from Beats In Space Records, Tokyo-based producer Crystal breaks out with a track meant to shred the dark veil of night to reveal a golden sunrise.

According to Crystal, he is generating “straight house music… piano, phrase sampling, energetic vocals, etc.” “Break the Dawn” revels in this simplicity, using a meditative sample to set a groove that crescendos over and over with massive vocal blasts and drum breaks.

When you’ve watched the sun ascend to unspeakable heights, side B reveals that you’ve not just experienced an otherworldly event, but you are indeed deep in space. “From Red To Violet” conjures a panoramic gradient of a Jupiter sunset by using a piano riff ruffle, cascading synth frills and lasers from another era of decadence and disco dance.

Each 12″ from Beats in Space Records features original artwork in considerate and serial form. Jiro Bevis, the London-based artist with a penchant for pop perversion, shares a subdued but fitting piece for this installation. The 12″ packaging constructed by Will Work For Good features a removable vinyl BIS logo cling.

Crystal’s Break the Dawn / From Red To Violet 12” will be released on September 17, 2013 on Beats In Space as a limited edition 12” and digitally.

Vanish Into Light


Vanish Into Light

2013.02 ON SALE

Limited 4tracks Vinyl 12″Vinyl

¥1575(Tax in)
¥1500(Tax off)

Side A 33RPM
1.Vanish Into Light
2.Vanish Into Light(Crystal Whiteout Version)

Produced and Mixed by Crystal
Keyboards by Isao Takano

Side B 33RPM
1.Heavenly Overtone(Vakula Remix)
2.Heavenly Overtone(House Mannequin Remix)

Trk1.Remixed by Vakula
Trk2.Remixed by House Mannequin

 2011年暮れにリリースされ即日完売,一年以上にわたって週末のフロアを彩ったフロア・アンセム”Heavenly Overtone”から約一年、ついにCrystalのセカンド12inch Vinylがリリース。シューゲイズ・ピアノ・ハウスの新次元を切り開いた前作に引き続き、キーボードに高野勳を迎えて、またしても高揚感と飛翔感がソリッドかつドリーミーに同居したシューゲイズ・エレクトリック・バレアリック・ハウスを展開。メロディックにビルドアップしつつ緻密なプログラミング・スキルで技巧を凝らしながらドラマティックでサイケデリックなオープン・マインド空間を作り上げて行く様が圧巻。A2にはDJ Tool的に使えるシューゲイズ・ペラも収録。
 そしてB Sideには”Heavenly Overtone” の強力なRemixを2Version収録。ウクライナ出身のライジング・スター、VakulaによるB1は、彼特有のギャラクティックでエクスペリメンタルなフィーリングに、元曲のヘヴンリーなピアノや高揚感を展開も含めて完璧にMixした正にフロア・キラーなエレクトリック・テック・ハウス。既にVakulaやCrystal本人は勿論、Kaoru Inoue,Dj Hikaru,Gonno,Kenji Takimiが絶賛パワープレイ中。 B2は最近頭角を表しつつあるベルリンのDJデュオ、 House Mannequinによるヒプノティックな中毒性のあるモダン・ハウス。DJユースフルなフロア・キーパーとして鳴りのよさも含めて重宝するトラックに仕上がっています。