Mirror Made Of Rain

Mirror Made Of Rain

Mirror Made Of Rain
Pan Pacific Playa PPPEP-003

A. Kes / Dry Your Eye
B. Crystal / Mirror Made Of Rain

Pan Pacific Playa Presents “OLD FASHION VOL.1”

Made In Japan “Future” Classics

Made In Japan Future Classics

V.A. / Made In Japan “Future” Classics
2010.07.07 on sale ¥2,100
Slowhnad Relation LWCD-14

01. Leonids – oono yuuki (Bijin) released in 2008
02. “Rock” expert – eater (Op.Disc) released in 2005
03. Fair – Inner Science (Soup-Disk) released in 2007
04. The Sun Sets – Dublee (Mule Electronic) released in 2004
05. Time For Trees – Ametsub (PROGRESSIVE FOrM) released in 2009
06. Extra Ignored – Suzukiski (Logic) released in 2006
07. Blue – Akio/Okihide (Sublime Records) released in 1995
08. The Day Of Return (With Dolphins) – Drawing Future Life (Syzygy Records) released in 1993
09. dic – mophONE (Moph Record) released in 2008
10. Used UFO (From Time To Time/7 Remix) – Organization (Transonic Records) released in 1995
11. A Mirror In Mirrors – MY(MUTRON & YURI SUZUKI) (CODONA) released in 2009
12. Digital P (Cherryboy Function Remix) – Traks Boys (SWC) released in 2007
13. Luminosity – Quadra (Frogman Records) released in 1997
14. I’ve Found A Central Mountain Of The World, But It Is Everywhere – Fulkram (Dub Restaurant Communications) released in 1994

Compile and Mix : CRYSTAL
Art Direction : Daisuke Nishihara
Illustration : Daijiro Ohara

This mixed CD is made only by Japanese artists’ tracks which belongs to Japanese labels.

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